Oct. 19th, 2012

I'm going through the process of starting therapy again. Looks like either psycho-dynamic or cognitive analytic. It's going to be a while due to waiting lists, but I genuinely could not afford to see somebody privately at £50 an hour.

I have been more motivated this week, although I've had to force myself to do it. I also have barely slept leading to two days off work. I am fortunate my manager allows me to take emergency short term leave/duvet days.

My future mini goals are
Bake a treat once a week. Why own cute cake tins if you don't use them?
Do the 5 mins a day artisan bread so I can have nice bread always.
Make a fabric something once a week, to build up a gift stash. I bought Happy Stitch this week which is cute and inspiring.

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Oct. 17th, 2012

City centre living is getting me down. Specifically the yelling and whooping girls in the street right now. It's these times I fantasize about living in this 17th century house with a stream in the garden and tap water from a natural spring.

Where the view from your garden is this

I'd show you the road, except it's a country track and the Google car never ventures on tracks.

Of course, when we got snowed in, Dave and I would probably go crazy and re-enact The Shining on a teeny tiny scale, but right now, the quiet of those hills is so appealing

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Oct. 15th, 2012

Oh god oh god. I posted back my glasses for an exchange and they haven't arrived yet and I feel so stressed by it all. It's incredibly annoying. And if they're lost then I won't get the NICE glasses I want instead, not unless I pay £55 for them.

And this week I want this house

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For part of my autumn wardrobe I bought these shoes

They should cost £115! I paid £30. They're lovely and so comfy. I hve them on right now with a pair of dark red socks and so I look cool and hipstery but also just, you know...awesome.

I also have new glasses. Well, frames. I then need to send them to be reglazed. But that's ok.

Two pairs. This is one pair and the other pair looks like this

I also have bought socks and tights, but they aren't very interesting.

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Oct. 1st, 2012

I'm so desperate to move. If we can't have my dream home, then I'd like to live in this little house.

It feels strange, I never thought I'd want to move back to where I grew up, but I miss those hills. I miss the countryside

I miss this bookshop

I also am so broody I feel like crying when I see a baby. But that's another issue.

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Sep. 30th, 2012

I really wish Dave and I could buythis house. A 200 year old cottage on three levels, little yard with flowers, huge kitchen, semi-rural but only 25 minutes by train to Manchester or 45 minutes to Leeds. And a wood burning stove, my dream.

City centre living is getting to me slightly. I love the walkability but the lack of horizons drives me crazy, the lack of space for drying clothes outside or growing a few herbs or tomatoes gets to me. Being able to sit outside with a drink in the evening gets to me.

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Daydreaming about next year and doing something fun before we (hopefully) have to start thinking about being parents.

What's NYC like in June/July? Is it going to be sticky and gross? If we were to visit, when would you recommend? Anybody want to have dinner with us? Or give us tips on where to stay (or let us stay with them).

I'm got a sudden craving for the USA again and want to try New York this time.

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Sep. 24th, 2012

After posts by jangrl and others (think it started with mizrobot who I never added for some reason), I've been thinking about clothes. I'm trying not to buy too much these days as I'm losing weight. The nice thing about this is I just got a dress of my wardrobe which I love but was always a tad tight. It's now a lovely fit! And as I have it in both black and turquoise, I'm super happy. I haven't lost more than 10lbs, but I've maintained that for 2 months without actually doing any additional exercise or calorie counting. Just no snacking!

My autumn/winter look is mostly revolving around non-patterned dresses and skirt. Then BRIGHT tights and BRIGHT cardigans. Although Thursday and Friday I wore a black dress with a white dotted pattern. With yellow tights and then orange tights and black shoes.

I think my main investments will be a casual jacket and then winter-boots. We don't get very much snow, but we do get rain. And it stays very damp.

It's cold already, Friday night it was already down to 2C (35F) and today the high has been 10C (50F) which this year I seem to be really feeling. Brrr,

I've had my eye on these Merrell boots for a couple of years which seem like they might do the trick. I like Merrell stuff and found it really hardwearing.

Jacket-wise I'm not so sure. I've got a smart coat in Navy wool which I love. I just need something that is a)less warm and b) less formal. I'll know when I see it, I just haven't seen it. Everything seems to be some sort of biker jacket style or padded jackets that look like I should be horse riding.

I've got some sewing to do too. I've got some nice twill for making skirts, because I cannot find what I want ANYWHERE. It's the longer of the Lisette Market skirt, I also want to make a cord skirt too from the same pattern. But I'm scared of cord for some reason.

My other new season splash was going to be on some glasses, but seeing as I have a very very weird prescription, the company I was going to use cannot do an online script for me, so I have to look elsewhere. I am so sad since I was in love with two frames and nobody else does them.

My main aim is to look more put together. A great haircut from the Aveda salon at the bottom of the road has helped. I don't know why I go elsewhere, because they never get it right. Aveda stylists seem to listen a lot more.

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Culinary Jew

I'm about to start making lekach for Rosh Hashanah. It's part of my ongoing cultural conversion, via the medium of food. So far Chanukkah is my favourite because of the whole fried food thing.

Also I make a kugel that would make a Yiddishe mamma cry with happiness (so long as she didn't mind our totally unKosher kitchen)

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I left my old post on Friday and start my new post tomorrow (well, today). It's a fairly similar role, although I am now the youngest in my team by about 10 years. I've moved from desk 58 to desk 50. SO not a huge move really.

I went out for drinks on Friday night with a few colleagues. In the end my colleague A and I were still in the bar at about 8 and there was a definite *vibe* happening which was unnerving. He gets married in 4 weeks, I am engaged. It was just a very weird moment. Dave came down at about 8.30 and the two of them got on really well. We all have a similar sense of humour so it was very easy conversation.

Later Dave and I went onto another couple of bars. I had a horrific hangover the next day.

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